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Words About Games is a blog dedicated to the video games industry. Here you’ll find commentary and reactions to everything going on in and around the biggest entertainment industry in the world. We bring you the news that we find most interesting, with regular analysis of the biggest, most interesting, and/or controversial happenings surrounding gaming. On top of that we provide in-depth editorials, previews of upcoming games, interviews with people in and around the industry, and the occasional list.

We’re also a home to fair and unbiased reviews, with our guys working hard to pull apart the games we play and find out what makes them tick in the form of written reviews, let’s plays, and audio discussions. Words About Games is also home to the Couch Co-op Podcast, a fortnightly show where three best friends discuss all the news and general shenanigans in the games industry.

The Words About Games family:

Amy Alexander – Sorcerer Supreme

MkzVouV-_400x400.jpgAmy is the creator and head honcho of Words About Games, and host of the Words About Gamescast, who just realised after 3 years that she could choose her own title. She has a fascination with picking apart games and seeing what makes them work. This combined with the critical thinking engendered in her from a degree in Creative Writing, from a university that didn’t teach her how to write creatively but merely critique others work, prepared her for a career either testing video games or writing about them. She chose the latter. She’s still not sure if this was the best course of action, though she is considering trying to get a refund on her degree. She is usually found either shouting “I told you so” into an uncaring void or desperately clutching her Wii U sobbing and remembering the good times.

Tom Q Cusic – Reviewer

qAn infrequent regular on the Words About Gamescast, Tom was promoted (or demoted, depending on who you ask) to the position of reviewer at Words About Games in September 2015. Although he was told this was because of his natural skill and talent at critiquing video games, this was mostly just to stop Gary having a mental breakdown at the thought of reviewing the avalanche of new releases. Don’t tell him I told you that. Gary and Tom realised fairly quickly that their differing styles compliment each other, as long as they don’t talk about Japanese games, and have formed a partnership to last the ages. Tom also provides the music for Words About Games, which is awesome and you should listen to it all the time.

Keith Robinson – Podcast Regular

keithKeith is the long-suffering best friend of Gary and regular on the Words About Gamescast. His habit of waiting to play games until they’ve been out for half a decade brings a sense of history to proceedings, and is never at all inconvenient. His insights into the goings on in the video games industry are generally incredibly astute, able to pierce through the massive amounts of bull with a clarity of thought that is, at times, quite frightening (as is his stare of disapproval, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of it). Rumours that his hair has slowly disappeared thanks to a lifetime of facepalming at the general idiocy of his two best friends remain unsubstantiated.

Russell Lydon – Podcast Regular

russellRussell is the second regular member of the Words About Gamescast, whose nickname is The Wanderer on account of his semi-frequent disappearing acts as opposed to any love of Fallout 4, a game he has not yet played. He is generally very wary of anything and everything, though his passion for the things he love is unrivalled and genuinely quite scary at times. When he decides he needs to know something, you can be sure that he’ll learn every, finite detail of that thing. His propensity for being able to talk for ages on a subject, and then suddenly hit the nail on the head with a single, thought provoking sentence is his superpower, and makes him an invaluable member of the Words About Games family.


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