Gary and Tom discuss the biggest games & news of the past week.

Time Stamps


3:19 – Hand of Fate 2 Impressions

Topic of the Week

11:52 – Microsoft needs to broaden the appeal of its first-party games


29:23 – EA acquires Respawn Entertainment
35:20 – Star Wars: Battlefront II loot boxes are still “pay-to-win”
49:21 – IO Interactive confirms a new Hitman game is coming
52:45 – Take Two Interactive want “recurrent consumer spending” opportunities in all of its games going forward
1:01:51 – Vampyr won’t have DLC
1:07:12 – Warner Bros set up a developer to create Harry Potter games on consoles
1:13:35 – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has sold more than 20 million units
1:18:49 – Telltale Games lays off almost a quarter of its staff
1:22:46 – Former System Shock 2 & Bioshock devs reveal new studio, ambitious new game
1:26:10 – The Inpatient VR & Bravo Team VR both delayed by Sony