Gary and Keith sit down to discuss the biggest, coolest, weirdest and most controversial news of past seven days.


Destiny 2 has biggest UK launch of the year, physical SNESsales down versus predecessor

Destiny 2 had 1.2m concurrent players less than a week after launch

Bungie removes item from Destiny 2 that had unintentional similarities to “hate symbol”

SNES Classic will continue to ship in 2018, NES Classic returning next Summer

Malaysia blocked access to Steam in protest of Fight of Gods

Randy Pitchford blames players for having too high expectations of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Cliff Blezinski was humbled by LawBreakers launch

Last of Us & Uncharted 4 director Bruce Straley leaves Naughty Dog

No new Batman Arkham games according to voice actor Kevin Conroy

Xbox One Game DVR will achieve 1080p, support for external hard drives added