Insomniac Games may be the perfect development studio to bring Spider-Man to life on Playstation 4. Their previous titles, specifically Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive, prove that they know a lot of what will go into a Spider-Man game.

They know how to design and create a city for players to play around in. They know all about designing unusual methods of traversal around that city. They know how to do combat with unusual weapons. And they know how to bring the laughs.

Marvel have given Insomniac license to create their own Spider-Man – this isn’t based off any particular Spider-Man comic or movie, this is a brand new story with a protagonist that has been created by Insomniac themselves:

“We want to create our own Spider-Man universe. We didn’t want to tie to the movie or comic series. [We] talk a lot about wanting to do our own thing and Marvel totally embraced that. It started with ‘let’s make him a little bit older, let’s put him at 23 years old and just graduated college and really at the mastery of his powers’.

This isn’t the origin story you’ve seen play out time and time again, reboot after reboot. The Peter Parker in this Spider-Man tale has been around for a while. This will allow players to get right into the good stuff, as highlighted by the demo that was shown at Playstation’s E3 press conference on Tuesday morning.

Spider-Man has a lot of moves. There are multiple methods of stealthy takedowns and a very acrobatic feel to the character. Combat borrows from the Batman: Arkham series, albeit more geared around the acrobatic nature of Spider-Man than the heavy beatdowns delivered by Batman.

Insomniac are also proving they know how to tell the best type of Spider-Man story:

“His best villains throughout the years are the ones he has some type of connection with. I don’t want to say any names because then people are like ‘oh he’s in the game’.

When he has that connection to that character as Peter, it just means a lot more and makes for a better journey as you’re playing this game.”

What we’ve seen and heard so far makes this look like it could be the ultimate Spider-Man experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Spider-Man is due out in 2018 exclusively on Playstation 4.