There’s no denying that the original Destiny was a fun game to play. Created by Bungie, you could feel the years and years of experience making first-person shooters as you played. The mechanics were tight and fun to play.

But it was also a hollow experience. There was almost no story to speak of, save for some nonsensical cutscenes that attempted to tie the gameplay together. The moment to moment of gameplay was satisfying, but everything around that was not.

Even the shooting galleries themselves felt hollow – as every single encounter boiled down to standing in a small area fending off waves of enemies while your Ghost unlocked a door or hacked a console.

With Destiny 2, Bungie is aiming to remedy that with a much stronger narrative. They’ve already made one huge improvement over the original game – including a formidable adversary for players, whose inclusion in the game brings actual stakes to your journey around the solar system:

“Gall is the tip of the spear. He’s at the forefront of the Cabal Professional Military. As the Cabal Empire descends on the last safe city on Earth we will be set on the run. We will venture back out into the wild to explore new ways to fight and to regroup the survivors of this attack so that we can mount a counter attack and reclaim our home. That’s what Destiny 2 is all about. It’s about superheroes who lose their powers and have to recover the things that made them legends.”

Already, from that short description of Destiny 2, the story already sounds much more compelling than what was found in its predecessor. There are stakes in the journey and easily understandable reasons for you to go on the journey you’re going on.

The other major improvement to Destiny 2’s story is that you’ll actually be able to find it in the game. Gone are the Grimoire Cards that forced you to exit the game and log onto a website just to get the lore, backstory and context needed to properly figure out who everyone was and what was happening in the solar system.

I wasn’t a fan of Destiny, but Bungie are saying the right things and making the right moves to make it easy for me to give it another shot.

Destiny 2 launches on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017. A PC release will follow later.