After the disappointing Beyond: Two Souls and Supermassive Games’ excellent Until Dawn taking Quantic Dream’s formula for choice-based narrative to new highs, there was a sense that the French developer needed to step up its game for its next release.

Teased for a few years now, Detroit is promising a whole new level of consequences for the choices that you’ll be forced to make. At E3 last year we saw how many branches there were in a single scene, and how many different outcomes these branches could lead to. On Tuesday morning we saw how far reaching the consequences of your choices could be.

What we hadn’t seen was how you’d make these choices. Until now.

Quantic Dream have made the hostage situation from last year’s E3 demo playable, giving players the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of hostage negotiating android Connor. An android has gone AWOL, killing the family he was meant to serve. He is currently holding a young girl hostage on the roof and threatening to kill her and it’s up to Connor to stop him and save the girl.

It’s not just making obvious choices by pushing buttons that can affect the outcome of the scene. Everything you do leading up to the final confrontation can have an impact – you’ll need to question the cops already on the scene, choosing what information and questions to prioritise.

You can also reconstruct what happened by searching the apartment, scouring the environment to allow you to piece together the series of events that have led to the situation you find yourself in.

It all builds to a final confrontation that can be handled in multiple different ways. You need to read the situation, make the moves and responses that feel right and put the information you’ve already ascertained to use. It’s an intense scene. One wrong move and the girl could die. Or you could die. Or everyone could die.

Any way you slice it, something bad will probably happen.

Detroit: Become Human is coming exclusively to Playstation 4. A release date has yet to be announced.