Supermassive Games are having a busy E3. Besides the two games that were revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference, the studio revealed a third game called Hidden Agenda.

Hidden Agenda is a crime thriller with a difference, built around social decision making that the studio noticed was happening when watching streams of its previous game, Until Dawn.

Players watch a crime thriller play out in front of them with the ability to make choices via their smartphones. Some decisions are voted on as a group, others see one player nominated to make a decision solo. Players will also have access to logs and information on their phones, with different players sometimes having more or different information from the others.

The decisions you’ll make in Hidden Agenda can have massive impacts on the direction of the story, which tasks players with catching a serial killer who booby traps the bodies of his victims.

Hidden Agenda is a Playstation 4 exclusive, though there is currently no release date for the game.