Amazon Germany have apparently confirmed the existence of the next game in the Wolfenstein series.

The retailer posted a store page for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus for PC, PS4 and Xbox One with an October 29, 2017 release date. The listing has been removed, but not before NeoGAF users were able to capture screenshots:


Bethesda themselves teased a new Wolfenstein at their E3 press conference last year. The name “New Colossus” was included in a fake cmd screen that opened the show, with a release date of **-**-**.

Given that the “Bethesdaland” invitations the publisher sent out included two “under construction” areas (hinting at two new game reveals), and that The Evil Within 2 has already been leaked, it may be that we now 100% know the identity of the two new games Bethesda plans to show us.

Either way, we’ll find out during Bethesda’s E3 press conference, which starts at 5AM on Monday morning.