EA held their annual E3 press conference earlier tonight, showcasing some of their upcoming games and revealing a couple for the first time. Here’s a round-up of everything we learned from EA.

A Way Out

By far our favourite moment of EA Play was A Way Out – a co-operative, narrative driven adventure game being developed by Hazelight, made up of the developers who created the excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

A Way Out is a game you can’t play solo. It’s built from the ground-up to be played either splitscreen or online, focusing on two prison inmates teaming up to escape and go on the run.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II, excellently presented by Janina Gavankar, looks like a promising step forward for the Battlefront series. While an ill-advised live multiplayer session offered little in the way of useful information, EA dropped some information that showed that Battlefront II is a move forward from its predecessor.

Following in the footsteps of one of EA’s other shooters, Titanfall 2, all of Battlefront II’s multiplayer add-ons will be free. The game will also span all three eras of Star Wars, from the prequels to the originals to the current timeline. The game’s single-player mode was mentioned (and Gavankar herself is playing the main character), but no extra information or footage was shown, outside of a few quick snippets during a sizzle reel.


Bioware’s much talked about “Dylan” was finally revealed to the world…in the form of a 52 second teaser with scant few pieces of information and a promise of a full reveal at Microsoft’s press conference on Sunday night. It’s called Anthem, it’s science-fiction and that’s all we know for now.

Need For Speed: Payback

As promised, Need For Speed: Payback was fully revealed during EA Play. The driving game looks to be doubling down on its narrative, with the game giving off some serious Fast and the Furious vibes during a gameplay demo. Payback also seems to have taken on some features from Split/Second and Burnout, with plenty of slow-motion sequences, car versus car battles and over the top crashes.

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 is getting a story mode similar to Fifa 17’s Journey Mode. Called “Longshot” – this seems to follow a similar path to Fifa 17’s groundbreaking story mode, with players taking on the role of a rookie attempting to make it big in the world of the NFL.

Battlefield 1

A brand new expansion for last year’s Battlefield 1 was showcased at EA Play. In The Name of the Tsar expands the WWI shooter to the Russian Front during the Communist Revolution. The expansion will feature six new maps, two new night maps and will allow players to play as the iconic women’s battalion of death. The expansion releases in September, with EA teasing the reveal of a co-operative mode at Gamescom in August.

Fifa 18

Fifa 18 got the briefest of trailers at EA Play, showing off some new in-engine graphics and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo being put through his paces during a mocap session. Alex Hunter will also return in a follow-up to last year’s The Journey, though details were scarce.

A version of Fifa is also set to release on Switch. EA sent out a press release during the show. Two notable differences between the Switch version and Fifa 18 is that the game won’t run on the Frostbite engine and it won’t include The Journey. The game will ship with other modes familiar to players, including the ever popular Ultimate Team.