You may or may not have already seen our podcast topic detailing the predictions we’ve made for E3. Gary, Keith, Russell, Tom and Patrick have each made five predictions & will be eagerly watching to see what actually happens. Everyone is eager to be the first outright winner of the Words About Games E3 predictions competition (and yes, it is a competition).

Check them out below:



  • BioWare’s new IP (“Dylan”) will be revealed and named
  • Ubisoft will announce a new Splinter Cell
  • Nintendo will release Pokemon Stars on Switch and 3DS
  • Spyro The Dragon will make a comeback
  • Sucker Punch announce a new inFamous game.



  • Seiken Densetsu Collection remastered for Switch
  • Harmonix bring a Rock Band project to the show
  • A brand new Patapon game is announced (not the remaster)
  • Visceral & Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game revealed, has horror infuences
  • Nintendo announce Gamecube games for Virtual Console, Mario Sunshine will be the first release



  • Microsoft announce a “surprise” first-party IP
  • Third entry in the Tomb Raider reboot is announced
  • Nintendo announce a new entry in an old IP (and the show is a farce**)
  • A new Bioshock is announced*
  • Sea of Thieves gets a firm release date



  • Sony focus on VR for 15-20 minutes, announce two new IPs for PSVR
  • Bethesda announce two new IP’s
  • Xbox demo a VR headset and/or announce HTC Vive partnership
  • EA finally deliver a Command & Conquer game (this is the 4th time he’s predicted this – G)
  • Sony announce a Gundam game for PSVR



  • Bloodborne 2 is announced
  • Bayonetta 3 is announced
  • Sony reveal new Playstation Move controllers
  • Days Gone gets a 2017 release date
  • Sony announce a new Until Dawn game

Let us know how foolish you think we are!

*bonus point if it’s set in Sheffield
**to be determined by Gary, Keith and Russell on the livestream
***Gary reckons he should win automatically if Vita 2 is announced