It might seem quite late for us to be talking about our plans for this year’s E3, given that it’s due to start in two days. Blame hectic schedules that included birthdays, weddings and day jobs.

We’re tackling E3 this year much as we did last year. You may have already noticed our pre-E3 podcast, wherein we discuss and speculate on what could possibly happen at the show. On Friday at 5PM BST the predictions from that episode will go live, shortly followed by a list posted here so people can keep track of how we do.

Last year everyone scored 1/5.

Except Keith. He scored zero. Which is why he gets to go first this year.

E3’s presentations and press conferences kick off with EA Play at 8PM on Saturday evening. Once again we will be livestreaming our reactions on our YouTube channel. After the conclusion of each show we will also livestream our immediate post-show reactions. Both videos will be uploaded and published afterwards for your convenience. Check out the table below for the E3 schedule.

Saturday June 10 @ 8PM BST EA Play
Sunday June 11 @ 10PM BST Xbox
Monday June 12 @ 5AM BST Bethesda
Monday June 12 @ 6PM BST The PC Gaming Show
Monday June 12 @ 9PM BST Ubisoft
Tuesday June 13 @ 2AM BST Playstation
Tuesday June 13 @ 5PM BST Nintendo Spotlight

Links to all of our livestreams will appear on this site and across our social media when they go live, roughly 10-15 minutes before starting time.

We unfortunately won’t be streaming our reactions to Devolver Digital’s press conference as it starts almost immediately following Bethesda. We had to make a choice between Bethesda and Devolver. We chose Bethesda.

Sorry Devolver!

After all of that is done our coverage doesn’t end there. After each conference all of the news and announcements will be rounded up right here at Words About Games (please allow time for Gary to nap between conferences).

From Tuesday until Friday we will keep going with E3 coverage – bringing you all the news that breaks from the show floor, the announcements that happen off-stage and the most interesting interviews and gameplay demo’s from other sites’ coverage, as well as our impressions of what we’re seeing coming out of Los Angeles.

After a quick weekend break the site will return back to its regularly scheduled diet of reviews, gameplay videos and more. The Gamescast the week following E3 will be our post-E3 discussion.

Rather than breaking the podcast out into four episodes as usual, the entire episode will launch at 5PM BST on Monday and will feature the official Words About Games E3 Awards (voted for by all five participants), a general discussion of what was awesome at the show and ending with the prediction results.

E3 is our favourite time of year. We hope you’ll join is in celebrating everything that’s amazing about gaming (and snarking about the less stellar stuff) from Saturday June 10. I promise it will be worth following us.