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This morning – Ubisoft reveal a ton of new Far Cry 5 information, Shenmue III won’t be at this year’s E3, development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is now being done entirely at Square Enix, a Little Witch Academia game has been announced for PS4 and Tokyo RPG Factory have revealed their next game.


Far Cry 5 launches in 2018 – Ubisoft have revealed a slew of fresh details for Far Cry 5, including a 2018 release date. The game will launch on February 27, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Far Cry 5 will be set in Montana, America and will pit players against a fanatical doomsday cult, disrupting the plans of the cult and helping to liberate Hope County by forming a resistance. The game will feature many of the gameplay from previous games – including stealth options, Guns For Hire, animals and a map editor.
(via Ubi Blog)


Shenmue III will skip E3 this year – Shenmue III development studio Ys Net have released a new development diary to keep fans updated on the progress of the game. They have also confirmed to fans that the game will not be present at next month’s E3. Ys Net have decided to devote June entirely to game development rather than participate in any shows.
(via Shenmue website)


Final Fantasy VII Remake now being developed internally – Following last week’s job postings, Square Enix has moved the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake entirely in-house. The game was originally being developed in collaboration with studio CyberConnect2 but, according to Mobius Final Fantasy dev Naoki Hamaguchi, the publisher has shifted the development entirely to internal teams.
(via Mobius Final Fantasy special broadcast, translated by Nova Crystallis)


Little Witch Academia game coming to PS4 – Bandai Namco have announced an action game based on the popular new Anime series Little Witch Academia. Titled The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders, the game will feature an original story that will see protagonist Akko and friends searching the Luna Nova Magical High School to uncover its seven wonders. Little Witch Academia: The Witch of Time and the Seven Wonders launches exclusively on PS4 sometime this year in Japan. There was no word on a Western release date.
(via Little Witch Academia website, translated by Gematsu)


Tokyo RPG Factory announce Lost Sphear – I Am Setsuna developer Tokyo RPG Factory have announced their follow-up title, Lost Sphear. The game features a young boy called Kanata who sets out with his friends to stop the world from being lost using the power of memory to manifest thoughts into matter. The game expands on I Am Setsuna with a revamped ATB combat system that will allow players to adjust their placement mid-fight. Lost Sphear is coming to PC, PS4 and Switch in early 2018.
(via YouTube)