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This morning – Bungie have officially revealed Destiny 2 with a content-packed livestream, Dontnod Entertainment have confirmed that Life Is Strange 2 is in development, Vive are launching a standalone VR headset that will work without PC’s or smartphones and Sega have begun rebranding their corporate identity.


Bungie reveal Destiny 2 details – Bungie hosted a livestream to reveal Destiny 2 for the first time. The game features a brand new story that will send players on a journey to recover their powers and their home after an attack on the Tower. Players progress will not be carried over from the first game, rather Destiny 2 will be a fresh start for everyone. Destiny 2 goes into beta this Summer ahead of its full release on September 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check the link below for a full round-up of the livestream.
(via Playstation Lifestyle)


Life Is Strange 2 is in development – Dontnod Entertainment have confirmed that a sequel to their hit adventure game Life Is Strange is in development. The game is being developed by the original development team. No other information has been revealed, and it’s unclear whether the game will be a direct sequel or a new story, though the game will definitely not be shown at E3 next month.
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Vive are launching a new standalone VR headset – HTC Vive have announced a brand new virtual reality headset intended for launch in 2017. The headset will operate without a PC or smartphone, meaning that all the technology needed to run it will be contained in the unit itself. The company haven’t released specifications yet, other than the fact that it runs on Google’s Daydream platform, so it’s currently unclear whether it will boast power to match the Vive or something else entirely.
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Sega announces new corporate identity – Sega have announced a brand new corporate identity based around the “Amazing Sega” concept. The publisher have communicated the concept through a series of videos and focuses on the company’s determination to provide more surprises than ever before. One of the videos features a device developed internally that measures the expression of the Human eye and turns it into data. Sega used this device to track the eyes of players engaging with their games and used the generated data to create sounds. Check it out at the link below.
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