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This morning – Rumours abound that IO Interactive are keeping the Hitman IP, Sega have revealed plans to revive major IP’s, a new Thief game and a movie are in development, Paradox Interactive announce survival strategy game Surviving Mars, Edmund McMillen announces he’s close to revealing his next game and Takeyasu Sawaki will be making a major announcement in the next two weeks.


Rumour: Hitman IP stays with IO, season two coming 2018 – Following Square Enix’s split with IO Interactive, reports suggest that the Hitman IP will stay with the developer and season two is definitely on the way. This is according to a trusted source speaking to German game site Gamestar. Apparently work on the second season of Hitman is halfway done and the game may be coming out in 2018.
(via PCGamesN, translated from Gamestar)


Sega planning to revive major IPs – As part of their end of year financial reports, publisher Sega have released a “Road to 2020” document that details the company’s plans for the next three years. A major part of their strategy going forward is the “revival of major IPs” in the packaged game field (physical releases). The report doesn’t specify what IP’s Sega is looking to revive.
(via Sega end of year financial report)


New Thief game and movie in development – A new game in the Thief franchise and an accompanying movie are in development. This is according to movie production company Straight Up Films, who have announced that they are producing a Thief movie on their website. The announcement also has also revealed that a “fifth sequel is currently in development to be released in step with the motion picture adaptation.”
(via Straight Up Films)


Surviving Mars heading to PC and consoles in 2018 – Paradox Interactive have announced a brand new game, Surviving Mars, is heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year. Surviving Mars is a hardcore survival strategy game that tasks players with creating a liveable colony on the red planet. Players will need to manage individually simulated colonists and explore Mars to uncover mysteries and achieve scientific breakthroughs.
(via Press Release / YouTube)


Edmund McMillen is working on a new IP – Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen has announced that he is working on a new IP. McMillen has been working on the mystery game with programmer Tyler Glaiel. The pair have been in “crunch mode for the past three months” and the game is almost ready to be announced. According to McMillen it’s “hard, it’s weird, it’s personal [and] it has amazing controls.”
(via Binding of Isaac Tumblr)


El Shaddai director is about to make a major announcement – Takeyasu Sawaki, director of the biblical action game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, will be making a “major” announcement in the next two weeks. Speaking at a panel during Tokyo Sandbox 2017 the developer said that he will be “announcing a mythical new concept” within a fortnight. According to Sawaki this is not an indie project, but rather a major release.
(via Twitch, translated by Gematsu)