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PSVR, Need For Speed, Bioware, Tokyo 42, Secret World Legends, Risk of Rain 2 | Daily News Round-Up

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This morning – Research firm SuperData have revealed PSVR sales numbers for Q1 2017, EA’s end of year financial results reveal a new Need For Speed is coming in 2017, Bioware’s secret new IP has been delayed, Tokyo 42 is launching later this month, Secret World Legends launches in June and Risk of Rain 2 has been announced by its developer.


PSVR sold 375,000 units in Q1 2017 – Research firm SuperData has revealed that Sony have sold 375,000 Playstation VR headsets in the first quarter of 2017. This combines with the 700,000+ units sold in the 2016 to put the number of sales well over 1 million. It also puts Sony on course to sell 2.7 million units by the end of 2017. These sales figures put PSVR well ahead of both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and come despite stock shortages, Sony not actively promoting the headset, and the company themselves steering away from the headset just being a games platform.
(via Games Industry)


New Need For Speed game is coming in 2017 – According to its end of year financial results posted yesterday, EA have a new Need For Speed game coming before the end of the year. In development at Ghost Games, the next Need For Speed is ditching an always online connection, with the game having a dedicated single-player experience that will be completely available while offline. More details for the game will be revealed at EA Play in June.
(via Need For Speed website)


New Bioware IP delayed into the next financial year – Bioware’s next big game has been delayed into the next financial year (April 2018 – March 2019). The delay stems from the game’s “live service” with the publisher deciding to “add more to the disruptive new social design” for its players. Next to nothing is known about the game, other than it will feature multiplayer features (which sound similar to Destiny or The Division). It will reportedly be unveiled at E3 during EA Play.
(via Polygon)


Tokyo 42 coming to PC and Xbox One this month – Mode 7 Games have announced that Tokyo 42 is heading to PC and Xbox One on May 31, with a PS4 release coming sometime in July. Tokyo 42 is an open world isometric action game that takes inspiration from Syndicate, classic GTA, Worms and more. You can check out an interview with the developers here.
(via Twitter)


Secret World Legends coming this June – Secret World Legends, the action RPG reboot of MMO Secret World, is launching on PC on June 26. The launch will also transition the IP from buy-to-play to completely free-to-play. Secret World Legends retells the story from the MMO, but shifts it into a shared world RPG with a completely revamped combat and progression systems, updated visuals and a new focus on the game’s vast storyline and lore.
(via Secret World Legends website)


Risk of Rain 2 in early development – Risk of Rain developer Hopoo Games has announced Risk of Rain 2. In a devblog the studio has revealed that the game has been in the works for six months and, that while they feel comfortable announcing the game, it is still very early in its development. The most notable detail from the reveal was the shift from 2D to 3D, with Risk of Rain 2 now being built as a fully 3D game.
(via Hopoo Games Tumblr)

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