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This morning – Nintendo have confirmed that they are abandoning production of the NES Classic Mini in Europe and Japan, Bandai Namco’s mysterious new game is vampire action RPG Code Vein, PSVR first-person shooter Farpoint has gone gold as the developers reveal more of the game’s story, action RPG The Surge has also gone gold, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days gets a release date and online top-down shooter Games of Glory is entering open beta next week.


NES Classic Mini officially discontinued in Europe and Japan – Nintendo have confirmed that the NES Classic Mini is being discontinued in Europe and Japan. The news follows last week’s announcement that the console was being discontinued in North America. News of this discontinuation has sent prices of the console soaring on sites such as eBay and with retailers such as CEX.
(via Nintendo of Japan / Eurogamer)


Bandai Namco reveals Code Vein – Last week’s #PrepareToDine teaser has been revealed as action RPG Code Vein. The reveal has taken place in this week’s issue of Famitsu. Code Vein is coming from the God Eater team and will feature gameplay inspired by Dark Souls. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players will take on the role of Revenants, vampires with supernatural abilities who will team up to seek out the truth of the world. Yusuke Tomizawa is leading development, with Hiroshi Yoshimura directing and Keita Iizuka producing. More information is due on April 20, when the game is officially unveiled.
(via Famitsu / translated by Siliconera)


PSVR title Farpoint goes gold – Farpoint developers Impulse Gear has confirmed that their debut PSVR game has gone gold and is on track to launch on May 16. Co-founder Seth Luisi took to the Playstation Blog to share a brand new story trailer for the game.
(via Playstation Blog)


Sci-Fi action RPG The Surge has gone gold – Focus Home Interactive have announced that The Surge has gone gold ahead of its May 16 release date. The Surge is a Dark Souls-inspired action RPG being developed by Deck13, developers of Lords of the Fallen, and is set on a dystopian Earth. Players will explore a mysterious world, taking advantage of a combat system that revolves around limb targeting and dismemberment. Focus Home also released details of the PS4 Pro patch, which will allow players on Sony’s beefier PS4 to play the game in Dynamic 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps.
(via Press Release)


Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days release date announced – Big Star Games have announced that their upcoming top-down strategic shooter Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days will launch on PC on May 18. The game, based on Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 movie, will challenge players to pull off a series of heists utilising the strengths of the game’s six characters, who each have their own abilities. Players will also need to rewind time to successfully pull of these heists.
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Games of Glory enters open beta next week – Free-to-play top-down team shooter Games of Glory is entering open beta next week. The beta launches on April 25 and will be free to access for everyone and is coming to PS4 and PC. At open beta launch the game will feature 15 characters across five classes, two arenas and more than fifty weapons, with more planned for the game’s eventual release.
(via Playstation Lifestyle)