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This morning – Star Wars: Battlefront II has been revealed by EA (and it comes with a lengthy single-player campaign), Titanfall 2 is getting a slew of new content in the next few months, Peter Moore has an emotional message for gamers on his last day in the games industry and roguelite TumbleSeed gets a release date.


Star Wars: Battlefront II will have single-player campaign – As part of the Star Wars celebration, EA officially revealed Star Wars: Battlefront II. As well as the various multiplayer modes that are standard for the series, the game will have a single-player campaign that takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It follows Iden Versio, leader of an elite special forces unit of the Empire, who goes on a mission to wipe out the Rebellion and avenge the death of the Emperor.
(via Eurogamer)


Lot’s of new content coming to Titanfall 2 – EA have provided a glimpse at the free content coming to Titanfall 2 over the next few months. Between April and June the game will be updated with two new multiplayer maps, two new Live Fire maps, a new Titan and two more purchasable Prime Titan’s. Developer Respawn Entertainment are also working on an update that will include a new faction, new game mode, more cosmetics and more.
(via EA Blog)


Peter Moore leaves games industry after 18 years – After 18 years of working in the video games industry, Peter Moore, who held high profile positions at Sega, Microsoft and Electronic Arts, has left to become CEO of Liverpool Football Club. On his last day he posted an emotional farewell message on NeoGAF.
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Roguelite TumbleSeed launches in May – TumbleSeed is making its way to PC, PS4 and Switch on May 2. The game is a strange roguelite that sees you balance a ball on a beam that extends horizontally across the bottom of the screen, which you must guide safely through various levels as they move towards you, while collecting crystals and flora that provide bonuses and buffs. Check out the trailer below.
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