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Destiny 2 officially revealed – Bungie and Activision have announced that Destiny 2 will be hitting PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 8. In Destiny 2 the last safe city has fallen to the Red Legion, and players must scour the solar system for new weapons to defeat them. Bungie is calling it a “new beginning” for everyone. The developer will be hosting a livestream to share gameplay for the first time on May 18, with an Open Beta following sometime in the Summer.
(via Playstation Blog)


Gwent beta coming to Playstation 4 this weekend – CD Projekt Red have announced a technical beta for its upcoming card game Gwent on PS4. The beta is open to anyone who downloads it on the console, beginning tonight at 6PM BST and ending on Monday morning at 8AM BST.
(via Press Release)


Bioware to share Mass Effect: Andromeda future plans soon – Bioware has released a note on its official Twitter account thanking players for playing Mass Effect: Andromeda, asking for continued feedback on the game and promising to share their plans for the game’s future on April 4.
(via Bioware’s official Twitter account)


Twitch beginning support for 1080p/60fps streaming – Streaming website Twitch is currently rolling out support for high quality, 1080p/60fps streams on its platform. The company is lifting its previous 3.5 megabit ingest bitrate limit. Quality options for viewers are also being expanded to allow for the best possible viewing experience.
(via Twitch Blog)