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Bungie officially announces Destiny 2 – After Kotaku reported on a leaked poster for Bungie’s upcoming sequel, the game’s official Twitter account has confirmed the existence of Destiny 2.
(via official Destiny Twitter account)


Mass Effect: Andromeda physical sales down – EA’s latest instalment in the Mass Effect franchise has sold fewer physical copies than its predecessors, though it still debuted at #1 in the UK. Andromeda is also the third biggest launch of the year so far – behind Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Horizon: Zero Dawn.
(via UKIE)


The Signal From Tolva gets a release date – Upcoming open-world FPS The Signal From Tolva is launching on April 10. Gary played the game at EGX last year and was quite taken with its dynamic open-world encounters and exploration focused gameplay, naming it one of his Games of the Show.
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Blizzard announce Starcraft Remastered – The original Starcraft is getting a makeover and a fresh release. Starcraft Remastered will sport enhanced visuals allowing support for 4K resolutions, re-recorded audio and dialogue and online matchmaking. The game will be released sometime this Summer on PC and Mac.
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Final Fantasy XV update reworks Chapter 13 – Square Enix have updated FFXV’s much derided thirteenth chapter. As well as adding Chapter 13, Verse 2, update 1.06 also enhances Arcana spells and announces the winners of the game’s first photo contest.
(via Eurogamer)