Platforms PC, PS4, XBO
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date May 24, 2016

The biggest compliment I can possibly pay to Overwatch is that I’m still playing it. Long before I started reviewing games on the Internet, I had a habit of putting games down fairly quickly, always chasing the next new thing rather than sticking with one game for any length of time. Overwatch has captured my attention in a way no other game really has since my days playing Halo 2 on Xbox or World of Warcraft.

And I’m not alone. Over 20 million people have played Overwatch. It’s Blizzard’s first new IP in seventeen years and it’s already become one of their core franchises, something that players (including myself) will be playing for years to come. After pontificating over the game for months since its initial release, I’m not sure there’s much left for me to say about why I find this game so enduring.

On the surface it’s a game that seems fairly light on content. At launch it only featured a handful of maps and modes. Thanks to unheard of levels of polish and an incredibly deep roster of interesting, genuinely different characters, any perceived lack of content in Overwatch is quickly forgotten. You’ll play the same maps dozens and dozens of times, yet Overwatch always feels fresh.


This is thanks to how the characters work. Overwatch is no mere competitive shooter. Instead, it pulls inspiration from a wide variety of genres. Its huge roster of characters, coupled with the ability to chop and change team compositions on the fly, mean that games will never feel repetitive no matter how many times you go through them. While there are four main classes in Overwatch, there are dozens of ways to approach any given match.

Overwatch’s enduring appeal probably has a lot to do with the way it encourages teamwork over solo play. To be successful in a match, you and your teammates will need to work together. Luckily you don’t need to be a particularly skilled FPS veteran to contribute meaningfully to play – the game has a variety of roles for its players to fill. No matter where your preferences or talents lie, there is doubtless a role for you to play in winning matches in Overwatch, marking it as one of the most accessible shooters around.

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