Platforms PC, XBO
Developer Remedy Entertainment
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Release Date April 5, 2016

Quantum Break is the result of Microsoft’s grand transmedia experiment, before they decided to shut down their television production department, a third-person action game from storytelling studio Remedy that also comes with a four-part TV show. While the game had you playing as stalwart hero Jack Joyce, the TV episodes showed us the villains of the piece, and how our decisions affected the story.

It’s a shame that this will probably be the first and only attempt at a project like this, because Quantum Break’s complete package is excellent. I doubt that either game or TV show could thrive without each other. Although stopping a game every hour or two to watch a 22-minute episode of TV does lend the game an uneven pace, both components entertaining enough to keep my interest throughout.

I’m not a TV critic, so I’ll refrain from deeply analysing the miniseries. What these TV episodes do, however, is to allow the game to fully flesh out its villains. Liam Burke is the main protagonist of the TV show, but you’ll only meet him fleetingly in the game. In any other game, Burke would be a one-dimensional bad guy who you’d trade insults with once or twice then defeat in a mid-game boss fight. Thanks to Quantum Break’s episodes, he’s a multi-faceted character in his own right.


What really worked for me with Quantum Break was…well, just about everything. It’s definitely a game only Remedy could make, being one of the more story-driven action games I can think of. Even the incidental collectibles found dotted around the various levels add huge amounts of backstory to the game (also, Time Knife).

What could have been a fairly standard, fairly boring cover-based shooter is elevated by the inclusion of Jack’s time manipulation powers. Quantum Break is the only cover-based shooter I can think of that makes the cover irrelevant. The abilities you’re granted are incredibly useful and a whole lot of fun to use and the game throws you into some awesome fights thanks to some genuinely threatening AI (final boss fight aside).

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