Platforms PC, PS4, XBO
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher Ubisoft
Release Date November 15, 2016

You can probably mark 2016 the year of the comeback (amongst other things) for the number of franchises that released long awaited sequels, or surprised us all with excellent new entries to games that weren’t supposed to be up to much. You can mark Watch Dogs 2 in the latter category, which is a marked improvement over its predecessor in every way you can think of.

What’s crazy is that Watch Dogs 2 is more or less the same game as Watch Dogs. The only big difference is that Ubisoft listened to fan feedback, changing what needed to be changed and improving what already worked. The biggest and best change Watch Dogs 2 makes to the formula set out in the original – it’s actually fun. While the first game in the series had its moments, it wasn’t a particularly fun game to actually play, only shining in very small moments.

Dumping the awful Aiden Pearce in favour of new protagonist Marcus Holloway provides Watch Dogs 2 a huge boon, with the new supporting cast complementing Marcus superbly. They’re an easily likeable bunch who have fun doing what they do, which becomes infectious. Watch Dogs 2 keeps a light-hearted tone throughout its running time, but when the game goes for the feels it pulls it off thanks to these characters being so damn likeable.


The rest of Watch Dogs 2 is generally pulled from the original, albeit with an added amount of polish, streamlining and improvement. Marcus and company have the option of going nonlethal, foregoing the murder sprees of Watch Dogs in favour of not killing everyone they meet and being labelled as terrorists (you can choose to do this if you like, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense outside of a specific mission).

The added puzzles, new mechanics, gadgets and abilities and even the world of San Francisco itself feels like a massive step up from Watch Dogs. With Watch Dogs 2 Ubisoft have basically pulled the same trick as with Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2 – they took a flawed formula with bags of potential, then spent the intervening time unlocking as much of that potential as they could.

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