Well, we made it through another year. Whatever else was going on in the world in 2016, the games have been (by and large) pretty great. There have been some standout games released this year. The first-person shooter genre is thriving for the first time in a while. We got a cluster of games that have been in development for almost a decade. We even got a whole new dimension to play games in thanks to VR.

As always, we’re kicking off the New Year here at Words About Games with our fortnight of Game of the Year coverage. It’s a nice way to start a new year, looking back fondly over our most treasured gaming experiences, after all.

All this week the official Words About Games top 20 Games of the Year will be revealed (starting in an hour). Believe me, the quality of the games we’ve had this year made putting that list together no easy task.

Next week will begin with some honourable mentions, as well as a look at some of the worst games that saw the light in 2016. We’ll also have a podcast discussion looking at both. This will, of course, be followed by our most anticipated games of the coming year (which is shaping up to be something very special indeed).

Normal service will resume after that, beginning January 16. The podcast will return to a slightly new format with a couple of major differences (which we’ll announce at the time) by looking ahead to the games of 2017.

(There’s a Hatsune Miku game launching during our GotY coverage, so there will probably be a review for it pretty sharpish, too)

As is customary for the beginning of the new year, we’ll be tweaking the formula of our content going forward. Words About Games will still be home to some of the most in-depth reviews on the Internet, as well as the usual mixture of news, previews, editorials and interviews. We’ll detail the changes in more depth on January 16.

For now, please join us on our journey of celebrating the past year and looking ahead with anticipation at the one to come.