Platforms PSVR
Developer Supermassive Games
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date October 13, 2016

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a game about jumpscares. It’s a demented ride on a rollercoaster of nightmares that puts a gun in each of your hands and mercilessly introduces you to a roster of frightening monstrosities, knowing full well that you can’t look away.  Virtual reality has a lot of potential for a variety of different types of games. The folks at Supermassive know that scaring the piss out of you is one of them.

That’s not to say Rush of Blood is merely a series of terrifying jumpscares, otherwise it wouldn’t have made this list. While these scares are what you’ll primarily remember from playing the game, which speaks to both the effectiveness of what Supermassive have created as well as the power of VR, this is a fairly brilliant rail shooter in its own right. The scares are only one part of the equation.

By putting you in a rollercoaster that is under assault from ghosts, psychos, spiders and more, and whose movements you have no control over, Rush of Blood makes you feel completely helpless. By putting a gun in each hand it also makes you feel like a badass. It sounds strange, like two states of being that couldn’t possibly exist in the same game, but somehow Rush of Blood manages to pull off.


It’s incredibly easy to play too. Basically if you know how to point a Move controller like it’s a gun then you’re all set, which also makes it one of the better games for showing off virtual reality to your unsuspecting friends and family members (who don’t have heart conditions). It’s a game that anyone can jump into and have a lot of fun with.

Virtual reality could end up being a new beginning for a vast variety of game genres, ones we haven’t even considered yet. Rush of Blood proves that horror works in VR (something that already seemed obvious), but it also proves that the rail shooter may also be about due a new lease of life. Jump scares are optional.

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