Platforms PC
Developer Frontier Developments
Publisher Frontier Developments
Release Date November 17, 2016

Remember Theme Park? It’s a game a young(er) version of me was obsessed with back in the days of Sega MegaDrive. I wasn’t much for the progression or any of the other details of the game – I just wanted to build an awesome theme park. Planet Coaster feels like a realisation of that vision, gifted to me in the year 2016.

While the most obvious touchstone for Planet Coaster is the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, as both are centered around building vast, insane rollercoasters, this is a full-on park management simulation. The best part? It’s one of the most intuitive games of the year. Despite a complete lack of tutorial (outside of some videos you can watch on YouTube) I was able to pick up the intricacies of Planet Coaster in about half an hour.

And there are a lot of intricacies here. Planet Coaster is a brutally engrossing simulation, putting you in control of everything in the park. You can spend your time devising the perfect rollercoaster, preparing the most efficient layout of your park or simply spend hours decorating with water features and lights to match your desired theme. No matter what I was doing, I was completely sucked in and having a blast.


Throw in some Steam Workshop support, allowing you to download all sorts of community created content, and you’ve got yourself a game that can steal hours of your life in the blink of an eye. Modernising the old school sandbox gameplay of Theme Park is something I never knew I wanted until I played Planet Coaster. The fantastic, intuitive gameplay is married to a series of excellent mechanics and backed up by a game that looks brilliant.

While there is a campaign, which features a series of different parks with varying challenges and objectives, Planet Coaster’s true genius lies in Sandbox mode – where the game ditches the pretense, acknowledges why we’re all really here and gives you a blank canvas and an unlimited amount of cash to truly create the theme park of your dreams, from the insane rollercoasters down to the customer toilets.

Our review of Planet Coaster fell through at the last minute, so there’s no link here (Words About Games was provided the game for review purposes)

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