She Remembered Caterpillars

This is one of the more intriguing games I played at EGX this year. She Remembered Caterpillars is a cute colour-based puzzle game. Players must guide red and blue creatures to white pads to complete levels. The trick is in the environment – red creatures can cross red bridges but not pass through red gates, with blue creatures doing the opposite. What started out as a simple puzzler quickly became more complex with the inclusion of bigger and more complicated levels and the ability to combine and create purple creatures that change the rules of the game. The demo was short, but I’m eager to test myself against the rest of it when it launches.

She Remembered Caterpillars is due for release later in 2016 on PC.


Political Animals

Don’t let the cutesy art style and adorable animals fool you – Political Animals is an in-depth political simulator. In the game you select a candidate, their platform, their staff and then run for an election. There are dozens of options you have at your disposal to win the election, and you must decide what strategies will work best. You can spend your time holding rallies or making speeches to address the issues that matter most to them, or give gifts to the patrons of the various states on the map, making sure that your actions will have a bigger impact in the future.

This is just one of many, many choices you’ll need to make to try and ensure victory in this deeply complex, but very cute, political simulator. It’s probably best not to ask me for advice, however, as I lost my election in a landslide to that Croccy bastard.

Political Animals is aiming for a late 2016 release on PC.


The Little Acre

The first thing that caught my eye about The Little Acre was how it basically looked like a cartoon. The second thing that caught my attention, after inevitable sitting down to play it, was that it as funny. Really funny. It’s a point and click adventure game set in 1950’s Ireland. The game follows Aidan and his daughter Lily – after Aidan finds himself transported into a strange world Lily follows him. Both end up on a perilous journey that involves all the staples you’d come to expect from an adventure game, and my hands-on time with it has left me looking forward to the release date.

The Little Acre is due out in 2016 on PC and Xbox One.


Dad Quest

Dad Quest is a 2D Metroidvania adventure game jam packed with surreal humour, where the main character goes through several rigorous trials to prove he is worthy of becoming a father. Once you’ve gotten your child, you embark on an adventure with your indestructible bundle of joy, who also doubles as your main weapon. You can launch your child at enemies or swing him like a club. And if that description doesn’t immediately get you interested in this game, you should also know that it’s packed to bursting with a fantastic sense of humour.

Dad Quest is currently available in Early Access on Steam, with a full release due on October 20, 2016.


Earth’s Dawn

Earth’s Dawn is a 2D action game that was originally released in Japan last September and is finally being released in the West by Rising Star Games. While it initially seemed like a fairly straightforward action game, Earth’s Dawn quickly revealed itself to have plenty of depth. Players are able to create their own characters, customise their skills to suit their play style, craft weapons and armour and much more. The game also features a branching narrative and a deep combat system that makes use of combos, launchers, aerials and sliding attacks.

Earth’s Dawn is due for release later in 2016 on PC and Playstation 4.


Dead Exit

Fresh from turning one of their personal board games into a video game with last years Living Dungeon, Radiation Burn’s next game sees them pull a similar trick with a card game of their own creation. Dead Exit is a multiplayer card game where players need to survive the zombie apocalypse by controlling their base and hoarding vital food and fuel supplies. It’s a surprisingly deep card game that is simple to learn but hard to master, and one that will support solo play as well as up to 8 players in friendship ruining online multiplayer.

Dead Exit is aiming for a January 2017 release on PC.


The Mannequin

The Mannequin is a narrative-driven horror game that throws players into an abandoned house that is being stalked by a super creepy mannequin. Well, it isn’t at first. It’s only after you reassemble the titular antagonist in the loft that bad stuff starts to go down. As you explore the various rooms of the house, which keep warping between the present day and 1958, you begin to unravel the mystery of a tragic murder that took place there. The Mannequin also comes with a very creepy atmosphere as you’re pursued by the ultra-terrifying entity.

The Mannequin is slated for launch on PC in 2017.


Rite of Life

Rite of Life is a chilled-out life-sim RPG. A bastion of calm in the sea of chaos that is EGX, it sees you attempting to rebuild your village by exploring a nearby forest for vital supplies. You’re able to choose the path of your villages construction – making the choice to focus on rebuilding your home, helping your fellow villagers or levelling up your character to be better able to explore further into the forest. The turn-based combat has a rock-paper-scissors like element to it. You have three basic attacks but only one will be effective against any given creature you face.

Rite of Life currently doesn’t have a release date.



Escalate is a very interesting platformer. It’s a co-operative, rogue-like platformer that doubles as a social creation tool. Players are dropped into the bottom floor of the world and need to travel upwards, reaching higher and higher into the levels. How this works is you can place various blocks that allow you to make your way up. There are a variety of different blocks to aid you – from simple platforms to speed boosters, jump boosters and many more. There’s no limit on the way you can build to reach the skies and everything that you build can be seen, used and built on by other players. It’s a fascinating slice of social gameplay in a genre typically reserved for solo play.

Escalate is currently available in alpha form at



Acrosplat is a puzzle game designed to be enjoyable for both kids and adults. It revolves around guiding blobs of paint into paint cans. There are various different colours that need to be safely flung across the shed and into the waiting tin, and a plethora of obstacles in your way. It’s also fiendishly addictive and, as it progresses, becomes ever more challenging and devious in the ways it finds to hamper your progress. What makes it for both kids and adults is its dual progression system – the developer of the game is a researcher, and has created two paths of progression designed specifically for kids and adults, meaning that both will progress through the game roughly as quickly as each other.

Acrosplat is coming soon to iOS and Android.