Below, the beautiful looking rogue-like from Sword and Sorcery developers Capybara Games, has been delayed. The game was originally revealed at E3 in 2013, and was due for release this Summer, but the developer has taken to its blog to announce that it won’t be coming any time soon.

From the blog post:

“”We did a lot of soul searching. We knew we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible. We knew the game was there, and we’re super proud of it, but we also knew it needed more time to make sure it lives up to our studio’s standards, and the quality that you expect from our games. From the very beginning, BELOW has been our most ambitious undertaking, and we’re just not quite done excavating its depths, or polishing all of its facets.”

The team at Capybara are now going dark to continue working on the game. So as not to put pressure on the developers, they have decided against announcing a new prospective release date for the game.

When Below does launch, it will do so on PC and Xbox One. You can check out the games latest trailer, released earlier this year, below: