Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi took to the Playstation Blog today to confirm that Rez Infinite will launch alongside the Playstation VR on October 13. Rez Infinite is a remake of the classic PS2 game created for VR.

According to Mizuguchi, he had other reasons to remake Rez, beyond brining it to virtual reality:

“…the chance to remaster everything to razor-sharp, 1080p fidelity and crisp 3D audio; to add new content in the form of Area X (more news on that soon!); and especially to give PlayStation VR owners the bonus option to play the game like never before.

But another big reason I wanted to revisit Rez is maybe the simplest: the original game is really hard to find!

There’s no easy way to find and play any version of Rez currently – and no way at all on any of the current gaming systems.

That’s not all – fans of the game can pre-order a limited edition physical copy of Rez Infinite from iam8bit from 5PM BST on August 19. You’ll also be able to purchase soundtracks, t-shirts and more from the website.

One piece of collector’s memorabilia that will also be available is a copy of the Rez Infinite soundtrack on vinyl. This will include 2 LP’s of remastered music from the original Rez, plus a third record of music from the new Area X. Also included with the vinyl will be an oversized artbook.