You’ve probably noticed by now that this website looks a lot different than it did yesterday (unless you’re in Reader or looking at this post in an e-mail, in which case, come to the site – it looks really sexy now). This is the first and most obvious change we’re making here at Words About Games.

We’ve got a lot of changes to how we’re delivering the content you come to us for, so that we can be better, faster and do more. The look of the site is the most obvious one, for sure. It makes everything easier to read, easier to find and just plain easier to look at. But there are some other changes I’d like to take a moment to talk to you about.

Let’s start with the biggest change first of all – content scheduling.

All of the content at Words About Games is scheduled now. If you look to the right, you’ll see the schedule for this week (or if you’re on mobile it’s further down, underneath this post). Keeping the site updating the way we were before now was becoming unsustainable – by knowing exactly what we’re doing each and every day, it’ll allow us to always make sure the content you want to see is constantly coming through.

The schedule changes every two weeks – it has been hung around the fortnightly Couch Co-op Podcast. To be honest, not much changes week to week, what I’m going to do now is go through each category point by point, to let you know what you can expect and when you can expect it*.

Daily Digest (Monday to Friday, 10AM)

This one you will have already seen.

One of the biggest drains on our time has always been posting the news. It takes a lot of time to research every story, fact check, write, then post each news item. Truth be told we were never really contributing anything that you couldn’t already find elsewhere, in a much more timely manner.

We knew that this would have to change substantially. It was at a point that it was taking time away from the content we knew people wanted. But we still wanted to keep you up to date and stay current with everything going on the industry. So now we’re doing the Daily Digest.

Every weekday morning at 10AM you’ll be able to find the Daily Digest – a collection of the best, most interesting and/or weirdest news stories from the previous 24 hours (or, if it’s a Monday, from over the weekend). These will come with links to our sources, so you’ll be able to read anything that interests you more in depth. It’s a big but necessary change so that we can get back to doing more of the content you want, and do it better.

Editorial (Every Monday, 12PM)

And the first part is this – the Editorial. Our most popular posts here at Words About Games have always been the Editorial. We’ve talked about multiculturalism and boobs, why Resident Evil is still relevant more than a decade later, developer meltdowns, why you shouldn’t pre-order games or any of the other topics we’ve opined about in the past.

These are the posts that you want to see, we’ve got the numbers to prove it. These are also the posts that we enjoy writing the most. So we’re going to do one a week. This is the first Editorial on the brand new Words About Games – starting in one week, we’ll start bringing you our thoughts on a huge variety of topics covering the full spectrum of video games.

Trailer Showcase (Every Monday, 3PM)

Like the news, we’re always excited to see what new trailers and gameplay demos the publishers and developers have in store for us. And we’re always excited to share them with you. Much like the Daily Digest, the Trailer Showcase will gather the best and most interesting trailers each and every week for your convenience.

Upcoming Games (Every Monday, 6PM)

We used to run a monthly version of this, but putting it together became time consuming and somewhere down the line it was quietly dropped. It’s back now, in a weekly format. Want to know what games to look forward to every week? Head over at 6PM every Monday and find out (all release dates listed are UK or European).

Reviews (Every Tuesday and Friday, 12PM)

While the reviews themselves won’t be changing, the way we approach them certainly is. We’re going to be providing written reviews of two games per week. Before we’d review games as soon as we had finished them, which was becoming increasingly difficult as other writing duties started to take over the running of the site. This meant that we ended up consolidating, with the vast majority of the games we reviewed being games that we already knew a lot about – the big AAA’s.

By committing to a set number of weekly reviews several things will happen. It gives our gaming time (when we’re playing games for review, anyway) true structure. Knowing that a review needs to go live on specific days is a great way to allow us focus. Plus this (combined with the next two categories below) will allow us to do something with games that we’re sent that we can’t find time to do anything with (which sucks).

During the busy Q1 and Holiday periods this schedule will be invaluable to keeping us on track. During the leaner times it will be a great way to get us back to doing what we do best – branching out and finding diamonds in the rough.

Words About Games Plays (Every Tuesday and Wednesday, and alternating Friday, 3PM)

We’re applying the same principal to our first impression let’s plays that we’re applying to our reviews. While we’re concious of not overloading our schedule with video recording and editing, by scheduling a few videos a week, it gets us back to discovering unknown games.

Review Discussions (Every Wednesday, 12PM)

We’ve been threatening this one for a while. To support our efforts to review more games, but with the added benefit of more time to play them and produce quality reviews, we’re going to be branching out into the video review format.

On top of our two written reviews per week, we’ll be recording and uploading a review discussion once per week too. We’ll likely play around with the format somewhat as we go, but it will generally involve someone who has played X game talking about it with someone who hasn’t.

Keep an eye out for our first review discussion for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada coming next Wednesday (July 6) – which will also mark Keith’s first ever review!

Couch Co-op Plays (Every alternating Friday, 3PM)

We’re bringing back Couch Co-op Plays! Every other Friday we’ll have a video of a multiplayer game, or a game that one person will play as another watches (who remembers The Alien Wasteland?).

We’re excited to bring this format back as a way to do a different kind of first impressions video, or just to have some fun playing games together. We promise it won’t just be a constant stream of Overwatch games too.

The Couch Co-op Podcast (Every fortnight, Monday to Friday, 5PM)

No change here. After our most successful series of podcasts and livestreams at E3, there’s no real need to change much here. We’re looking into simplifying the editing process, so it might start to look a bit different, but other than that it’ll be business as usual for the Couch Co-op Podcast (which returns on July 11).

Every two weeks we’ll bring up four different topics of discussion and go nuts with it. We’ll break the show out topic by topic on YouTube, Monday to Thursday, and then you can listen to or download the MP3 version of the full episode every other Friday.

And that’s your lot.

There will be other content from time to time. When we have interviews or previews, they’ll simply appear when they’re ready. We can’t really set a schedule for those. Our event coverage won’t change (unless it gets bigger and better) – like I said above, we just had a very successful E3. We’ll still cover E3, Gamescom, TGS, EGX and the rest as it all happens.

As I said, the schedule for every week will be posted on the right hand side of the site. We may tweak the schedules as we learn what works and what doesn’t, but we’re excited to start bringing you more focused, higher quality content from now on.

Happy gaming!

*All times are UK local time