We’re expecting Blizzard to release the competitive mode for Overwatch by the end of June, according to their own publicly announced timetable. However we currently don’t have a release date for it. Competitive mode was available in Overwatch during the beta, but wasn’t included in the final release of the game. This was so that Blizzard could implement fan feedback on the mode and rework it to make it better.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has released a new Developer Update video to talk about the changes Blizzard are making to competitive mode when it returns.

The biggest change will be to the modes progression system. Players will be able to see their own skill ratings as well as other players. Competitive mode will feature a tier-progression system that will “directly correlate” a player’s matchmaking rating and skill rating, though this means that player ratings will go down as well as up depending on their performance in competitive mode.

Blizzard are also implementing solutions to reduce sudden player death. Sudden death occurred 35% of the time and was something that players complained happened too often. Kaplan noted that there are a number of fixes for this being implemented to “dramatically decrease” the number of sudden deaths suffered by players.

Kaplan also said there were certain assault maps that were “flipping too quickly” – and while he didn’t go into detail, he did talk about format changes that would allow for longer matches with more back and forth.

Competitive mode will also reward players with new cosmetics that will only be available for playing in each session. The “highest skilled” players will also unlock golden weapons, as well as other unique cosmetic items.

Lastly, a season of Overwatch will last three months.