We Happy Few is delightfully weird. It looks like such a wonderfully offbeat and strange slice of gaming. It’s basically the video game equivalent of a George Orwell nightmare run through a Silent Hill filter set in a Bioshock-esque world. And if that pitch doesn’t immediately pique your interest, I’m not sure how to talk to you.

Arthur Hastings is a downer. That doesn’t (just) mean he isn’t fun at parties, but that he’s a man who doesn’t take a drug known as Joy that keeps the general population from realising that the world is terrible and everything in it is horrible and genuinely disturbing. But at least there are pinata parties.

The world of We Happy Few is procedurally generated. It’ll be different every time you play it. Well, mechanically, I’m sure it’ll still be horrible. And I’m fairly certain you’ll still need to play pinata every time you play too.

This would be the part of the write-up where I’m supposed to dig out some quotes from the interview embedded above, and use them to support the information I relay to you about the game itself. I find myself at a loss to describe We Happy Few in anything but the most basic details. Instead I’ll do something I wouldn’t ordinarily do and let the video, which includes new gameplay, speak for itself.

You should watch it. For real.

We Happy Few is heading to Steam Early Access and the Xbox One Preview Program on July 26, 2016.