Sea of Thieves has one goal in amongst its pirate-themed antics – make sure players are having fun. It was fairly evident that was the mission statement during the Microsoft E3 press briefing, with the console developer opting to showcase the game by showing people playing it, and having a blast. Because that’s what Sea of Thieves looks like – a good time between friends, with the occasional betrayal.

The stage demo leaned heavily on the idea of having a laugh with your mates – fighting other players’ ships, stranding your friends on a deserted island and trying desperately to escape a sinking ship. But there’s a grander vision for what friends will be able to do in Sea of Thieves – go on adventures.

“The wider vision for the game, if you look at that frozen moments in time trailer, you’re seeing people going on treasure hunts, they’re fighting off skeletons, they’re diving down to a shipwreck and there are mermaids and sharks there, there’s even a Kraken wrapping its tentacles around a ship later on. That’s the grander vision for this game.”

So it’s not just the pirate life, that’s just the gateway into the wider world of Sea of Thieves. What this game is truly aiming to recreate are the imaginary adventures we went on as kids. Yes you’ll all be playing pirates, and yes there will be times when I make my friends walk the plank, or we get drunk, or we muck about.

But there’s something else to Sea of Thieves, something that arguably has an even greater draw than messing about having fun as pirates – there’s a seafaring adventure out there, waiting for you to discover it.

Sea of Thieves is scheduled to launch in 2017 on Xbox One and Windows 10.