Full disclosure: the original Nier was a game that passed me by completely. I don’t even really remember it coming out. I was immediately drawn to Automata when it was revealed at last years E3 because of the pedigree of its new developer – Platinum Games. Ever since then I’ve watched with great interest as we’ve been given more and more glimpses into the world of Nier: Automata, and the game Platinum are building in that world. Lucky for me, Automata is a good entry point into the series.

“You don’t have to have played the previous Nier to understand the story of this one. This is a standalone story so you can enjoy it without having played the previous Nier. In this one you’re hundreds of years in the future from the original Nier. Aliens have invaded Earth and now Earth is infested with these machine lifeforms. You will be playing the android 2B, who is sent to Earth to rid the Earth of these machine lifeforms, so that mankind can reclaim Earth back.

Nier: Automata looks impressive. It’s not the most graphically stunning game you’ll have seen at E3, but its art style makes its world look great. Environments look detailed and seem to be very distinct from one another, and a lot of effort clearly looks like it has been put into making enemy character designs seem distinct from one another. The world itself will be open, and according to series director Yoko Taro it will expand as the player goes along the story.

Square Enix have partnered with Platinum to make Nier: Automata, and you have to imagine the main reason why is because of the latter’s skill at creating action games. Automata looks amazingly fun to play. It plays at a lightning quick pace with a variety of enemies and abilities that all combine to make some great looking action gameplay. Check out the boss battle demo on the end of the video above to see some really, really cool looking gameplay.

Nier: Automata launches in Early 2017 exclusively on Playstation 4.