“Be The Batman” – it’s a line I think I’ve seen in the marketing of every Batman game since the dawn of time. From the Arkham series to the other Batman games that I’m consciously choosing not to remember, for fear of some sort of PTSD-type flashbacks, the goal has always been to let players “Be The Batman”. Now we have a game that actually lets its players do just that.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Batman Arkham VR is a game that VR was made for. Not in any specific, Batman-being kind of way, although that is something that should rank high on any geeky bucket list. If there’s one thing virtual reality will hopefully be great for, it’s transporting users into someone else’s shoes and letting them fill a role entirely separate from their day to day lives. Including being Batman.

“It is a really emotional experience. It still gives me goosebumps when we play it. You go in, you suit up, you become Batman, you put the cowl on and you see yourself in the suit and look at yourself, show yourself the gauntlets. It’s kind of crazy.”

There’s not much to talk about with Batman VR as the E3 demo and the story of the game itself is shrouded in secrecy. We know it’s going to have a different focus than previous games in the Arkham series. We know it’s going to be a murder mystery, with a combination of the dark psychology of the Arkham games and the classic Batman comic books.

“When we finished Arkham Knight we said, ‘That’s the end of the trilogy’ – we had told the stories we were energised to tell. We were going to move on and do something different, and then this opportunity came up to do this VR game, and it just felt like a great way to tell a Batman story but in a completely different way. A really cerebral, detective driven story and really put the player right into Gotham.”

That’s the big draw of Batman Arkham VR, as if there was any doubt that it would be. Batman Arkham VR will be a launch game for Playstation VR, coming October 13, 2016.