There are few games around right now that look as stylish and dripping with atmosphere as Mafia 3. While it has a bunch of different gameplay mechanics and conventions associated with it, the first thing that becomes immediately apparent every time there’s a trailer of gameplay demo is how entrenched the game is in 1960’s New Orleans. Everything from the look of the game to the way people talk to the exceptional licensed soundtrack oozes atmosphere.

We’ve already seen quite a bit of Lincoln Clay, the protagonist of Mafia 3. In the gameplay that is coming out of E3 we see a whole lot more of him. We also get to see a lot of what Hangar 13 considers to be the second main character; the city of New Orelans itself.

“It was really important to us just in terms of the franchise as a whole. I always look at it as the city is a main character. In Mafia 2 that was true and in Mafia 3 we want it to be true. We wanted to focus a lot of effort in trying to make sure the city feels like a main character, feels vibrant, feels alive. There’s ten different districts [and] each of them have their own unique criminal ecology, their own unique make-up in terms of pedestrians and the types of encounters you have there. That was hugely important to us.”

Mafia 3 is a third-person, narrative driven, cover based shooter. Story drives the game forward, and a big part of that is set to be making choices. Lincoln Clay was ready to move on with his life, away from the city and the mob that he’s been a part of. It’s only his loyalty to a friend that drags him back in, and leads to a shocking betrayal. From then on he forms his own mafia with one thing on his mind: vengeance. How he gets that vengeance rests with the player.

“What we actually hopes the player wrestles with is after the night of blood, after the betrayal happens, Lincoln recruits these three underbosses. One of whom is Vito Scalleta the main character from the last game. He recruits these three underbosses and we’re constantly tempting the player to choose between the greed and power and loyalty with those characters. That is one of the central tensions in the game.”

One of the goals of Mafia 3 is to reclaim the term “mafia” to mean organised crime in general, as opposed to its current meaning right now, which has more to do with the Italian mob.

Mafia 3 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 7, 2016.