For Honor was arguably one of the games that stole the show at E3 2015. After Jason VandenBerghe strode out onto the Ubisoft stage, giving us one of the memorable introductions to a game in recent memories, For Honor became one of the most talked about demos of the year. Watching this years Ubisoft press conference, one of the most anticipated moments was waiting for VandenBerghe to stride out onto the stage and, in his now trademark booming voice, tell us why his game was going to rock our collective worlds.

The answer: campaign. Last year we got a good look at the multiplayer battles that will come with For Honor. This year we got a look at the story, some of the lore, and how the game will work when played solo:

“It’s one campaign where you’re going to play as the Knights and then as the Vikings and then as the Samurai. We’ve divided into three pieces [with] one big story to answer this question about Apollyon and her Black Stone Legion. [They’re] this group of Knights that are bringing war to an already war torn land. We’re going to get to know what’s going with these three factions and their warfare.”

For Honor asks the big question, perhaps the biggest question: Knight, Samurai or Viking? When VandenBerghe and his team sat down to plan the game, he found that this question was a good basis for deciding what historical warrior factions to include in the game. Everyone has an answer for that question, even if they don’t know it consciously:

“It’s actually about values. People who answer Knight tend to have this idea of protection, like defending the weak and the sort of nobility of the thing. People who choose Viking tend to be reflecting a choice about passion and living their life to the fullest and intensity. And beer and parties. And then the people who choose Samurai tend to be focused on mastery. There’s this higher idea of battle itself, of striving for perfection knowing you can’t ever achieve it.”

VandenBerghe also noted that other obvious choices, Ninjas or Pirates for example, almost kind of fit into the trinity offered in the game already.

The single-player campaign isn’t much different from the multiplayer. It’s story-driven of course, and it’ll tell the story of how these three factions came to live in the same world, why they’re in constant conflict with one another and what the Black Stone Legion want.

The mechanics, however, are the same across both modes, except with other players and AI controlled heroes becoming interchangeable. Considering the depth of the melee combat mechanics was a big part of what make For Honor such a special game, this is great news. It will also allow players to hone their fighting skills before diving into the multiplayer, all while experiencing what looks to be a fascinating storyline.

For Honor launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 14, 2017.