On Monday, Bethesda studio head Todd Howard made a statement confirming that the development arm of the company is working on Elder Scrolls 6. However the next entry in the celebrated fantasy RPG franchise will be a long way off, as there are two other massive games that Bethesda are currently working on.

Vice-president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines clarified comments made by Howard regarding Elder Scrolls 6 and the two mystery projects currently in the works at Bethesda:

“He said for sure that he’s got two other projects. I’m just making sure folks understand that doesn’t mean he’s going to spit out a DLC and another DLC and we’re head faking. I need folks to understand that we’re talking about big games like a Skyrim and a Fallout 4 and a Fallout 3 and those don’t just happen.

The studio has two major projects, two major games that they are planning on doing before they get to an Elder Scrolls 6.

Whatever two games Bethesda is working on, they seem to be developing them ahead of the next Elder Scrolls game. Given the amount of development time Bethesda takes to make games of this size and scope, it could be a long time before we get to go back to Tamriel.