It hasn’t been very long at all since Agents of Mayhem was announced by Volition and Deep Silver, but it’s already well on its way to becoming a hotly anticipated title. It’s bright, colourful and filled with exactly the kind of humour and explosive set pieces you’d expect to see come out of a game created by the developers of Saints Row.

Agents of Mayhem follows the titular agents through a game inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, although maybe a bit more grown up given the language and general content. Its maiden reveal trailer was filled with excellent over the top action and exactly the kind of charm that will win it many fans.

It’s also definitely not a Saints Row game, according to project design director Anoop Shekar, who spoke to IGN about the game. Though it does take place in the wider Saints Row universe.

It’s an open world game set in Seoul, a huge location that players will have access to right from the word go:

“You can get up on the rooftops. All our agents have double jump as well as extra traversal abilities to get them wherever they need to go. The idea is [the bad guys] have occupied the city and you want to try and stop them from owning those areas. They also exist underground. They have underground lairs that you have to find. You’re exploring, learning where they’re at and going in and basically fighting them in these lairs, taking out bosses and big enemies in there.

Four agents have been revealed so far, with more seemingly on the way in the run up to release. The diversity of these characters, both in personality and play style, is reminiscent of a hero shooter where players will be able to take control of all the heroes, switching between them on the fly:

“One of the things with Agents of Mayhem we wanted to do was spotlight these characters. The idea is each one of them is unique, they’re colourful, they’re fun to play and they all have their own style to play.”

You can check out the full interview above, which also comes with a lengthy look at some gameplay. Agents of Mayhem is slated for launch next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.