A big part of the Dishonored 2 gameplay reveal at Bethesda’s E3 Showcase on Sunday revolved around the use of supernatural powers. However there is an option at the beginning of the game to refuse them entirely.

Protagonist Emily Kaldwin will have access to an array of interesting supernatural powers, to assist her in both stealth and combat. These powers include an arm that functions like a grappling hook, allowing her to quickly traverse environments, and the ability to link enemies together, so that damage taken by one affects the others.

According to Bethesda’s Pete Hines, players will be able to refuse these powers if they so desire, and play the entire game without them:

“When you meet the Outsider, you can say ‘I’ve had enough of your games, I don’t want your powers’ – you can play the entire game with no powers whatsoever.”

This statement by Hines was backed up by Arkane Studios co-creative director Harvey Smith, who tweeted out that you can “literally say no to the Outsider”.

Best of all, Dishonored 2 has been designed with this in mind, which makes this not only a choice built into the game, but a legitimate play style.