Ubisoft closed out their E3 press conference last night by announcing a brand new IP. Steep is an first-person, open-world, extreme winter sports game set in the Alps.

Steep allows players to explore the Alps via snowboarding, skiing, wingsuiting, paragliding, base jumping and probably wiping out spectacularly, if the extended gameplay demo was anything to go by.

Steep will also let you set your own challenges that will show up in your friends games as points on their map, and even challenge them to races down one of the many mountains in the Alps. It also appears that you can mix-and-match these races, at one point in the demo it looked like players were engaged in a race involving skiing, snowboarding and wingsuiting.

The game also features the bone-crunching accidents that would undoubtedly come if any of us tried some of this stuff in real life. There were plenty of spectacular crashes, including someone in a wingsuit flying full speed into a church bell (a particular favourite moment of ours). Luckily if your friend wipes out in spectacular fashion, you can record a replay and share it for the whole world to see.

Plus the game looks really, really good.

Steep launches this December on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.