EA devoted a few minutes to their upcoming suite of Star Wars games and projects at their Play event last night, but unfortunately we still don’t know any more about them than we already did.

In a sizzle reel that focused almost entirely on talking heads, concept art and motion capture, we learned precious little new information.

Here’s everything we learned at about the future of Star Wars games at EA Play:

  • We saw a very brief glimpse of Visceral’s Star Wars game. It showed an Imperial star destroyer and Imperial banners, which seems to indicate that it’s set before The Force Awakens. It’s not set to launch until 2018.
  • Motive Studios is working on the next Battlefront. Jade Raymond said on stage that it will “include content from the new films” and is set to launch in 2017.
  • Criterion Games, best known for their work on Burnout, are assisting on development of the Star Wars VR project with DICE.
  • Bioware are still making Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Respawn Entertainment’s third-person Star Wars action game will eb set in “a different Star Wars era.”