We’re finally be getting that new Prey experience we’ve been waiting for, in the form of a reboot from Dishonored developers Arkane Studios. The game has been revealed to be in development at Arkane’s Austin studio.

This is neither a sequel to, or remake of, the original Prey. Instead this is a full reboot, with Arkane promising the game will be a psychological thriller set “in a dangerous universe”. The trailer shows protagonist Morgan, who continuously wakes up on the same day and seems to be undergoing some kind of experiment.

Studio director Raphael Colantonio confirmed after the showcase that Prey is a “reimagining of the IP” and that, unlike Dishonored, it won’t be mission-based. Instead Prey will be a single, large area that players will be able to explore and revisit. Colantonio also revealed that players will be able to play as either a male or female protagonist.