Executive vice-president of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund took to the EA Play stage to announce an exciting new program at the publisher – EA Originals. This program is EA’s way of finding indie developers and games that they believe deserve a bigger platform, and assist them with development. Similar to the assistance EA provided Coldwood Interactive for Unravel, which was unveiled at E3 last year. EA also showcased the first game from their EA Originals program, third-person platformer Fe, at the event.

EA Originals is a commitment from the publisher to seek out games that are “unique, innovative and memorable” and to help ensure they’re completed and seen. According to Soderlund on the EA blog, it’s about both making sure small developers can make the most of their games, and making sure they have the money and resources to actually develop them.

Soderland also announced that any profits made from the game will go straight back into the developers.

The first game to benefit from EA Originals is Fe, which was given a demo at the EA Play conference. Fe is a third-person platformer from Swedish-based developers Zoink, the guys behind last years Zombie Vikings.

Fe is a game about our relationship with nature, the land, and its beings. It’s aiming to tell a very personal story about the celebration of our longing to be one with the world around us, and will be a game full of “discovery, conflict and relationships.”

There was no timescale given for Fe’s release, or when we might see the next EA Original game, but we’ll keep you updated on both.