Well, we’ve made it. E3 2016 is less than 36 hours away from kicking off with the EA Play press conference at 9PM tomorrow. I thought I’d take a moment to outline what we have planned for the event, as it’s without a doubt going to be our biggest suite of E3 coverage ever. And possibly ever again. We’ll see if we survive this attempt.

So the first big way we’re covering the event is a fairly obvious one to anyone reading this. We’re not stopping our posts over this weekend. Or next weekend. Whereas usually we only update Words About Games on weekdays, for the next two weekends it’ll be business as usual, as we continue to bring you all the news heading into and out of the event. As well as the news during it, of course.

All of our usual coverage from previous years remains intact. We’ll be bringing you round-ups from all of the major E3 press briefings – all the announcements, trailers, surprises and mic drops in one, convenient location. Once the show kicks off properly we’ll bring you the best gameplay demos and interviews from around the Internet, showcasing our favourite games as well as the most interesting ones.

Once the event is over we’ll be hosting another special episode of the Couch Co-op Podcast. There we’ll dissect and discuss the show as a whole, giving out our awards for the best of the stuff we’ve seen, and we’ll find out who won the predictions game.

Where we’re vastly expanding our coverage of E3 is with the conferences themselves. First off, we’ll be giving you our live reactions to them. And when we say live, we mean live. Gary, Keith and Russell will be livestreaming our reactions as the conference happens over on our YouTube channel. Once the conferences are over these will be available as VOD’s (as soon as YouTube processes them).

We will also be recording our post-show reactions to each major conference as soon as they’ve finished, as a special, irregular episode of the Couch Co-op Podcast. Once again, we will be livestreaming these discussions. Once a show is over head over to the YouTube channel and you can hang with us as we break down each show. Again, these videos will be available as VOD’s afterwards.

This is all providing everything works. We fully expect things to break, it’s the nature of how we run things. But it’s going to be fascinating to drive this endeavour and see how many bits fall off while we go.

Below you can find our full schedule for our E3 video coverage. These times will not be exact – it all depends on how long conferences run for, whether they start late, and how quickly we can get shows up and running. But we’ll do our best to stick as closely as possible to this. All times shown are BST.


21:00 | EA Play (with live reactions)
22:30 | EA Play Post-Show Reactions


03:00 | Bethesda Press Conference (with live reactions)
04:00 | Bethesda Post-Show Reactions
17:30  | Microsoft Press Conference (with live reactions)
19:00 | Microsoft Post-Show Reactions (time permitting, see below)
19:30 | The PC Gaming Show (with live reactions)
21:00 | Ubisoft Press Conference (with live reactions)
22:00 | The PC Gaming Show Post-Show Reactions (Microsoft Post-Show Reactions will go here, if we don’t have time to record this before the PC Gaming Show)
22:30 | Ubisoft Post-Show Reactions


02:00 | Sony Press Conference (with live reactions)
03:30 | Sony Post-Show Reactions
TBA   | Nintendo Treehouse Reactions (if there’s anything worth reacting to)


17:00 | E3 2016 Reactions | The Couch Co-op Podcast Episode 34

Happy E3 everyone!