Ahead of their E3 press conference on Tuesday, Sony have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming racing game Gran Turismo Sport. The trailer offers first-looks at a variety of features for the game – including Livery Editor, LIVE Broadcast and Photo Scapes Mode.

The trailer also shows off the different environments that will be available in the new Gran Turismo entry, before showing off GT’s new social component, which is essentially an in-game, Gran Turismo social network. This will allow players to add friends, leave each other comments, share photos and more.

Speaking of photos, the new Photo Scapes mode was also shown off. More than simply a Photo Mode, this will allow players to physically place cars in different environments and then make tweaks to them – such as allowing players to change exposure, use filters and more. There’s also a look at GT Sport Live, which is the games spectator/streaming feature.

Gran Turismo Sport launches for PS4 on November 15, 2016. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming week at E3.