On the last part of our latest Couch Co-op Podcast episode we started a game – the E3 predictions game. Gary, Keith, Russell, Tom and Patrick each made six guesses as to what we might see at this coming E3, in an attempt to prove to the others that they were the master of predictions. Or, y’know, just for a bit of fun really. You can check out our predictions below, including our handy bingo-style card, which will be updated as the show goes on.

e3 predictions bingo v1.1.jpg

The E3 Predictions Master List


– Ubisoft announce a new Splinter Cell
– Rockstar announce a new Red Dead game
– Beyond Good & Evil 2 is finally announced
XCOM 2 console port announced
– Blizzard announce Lost Vikings 3
– Marcus Fenix is announced as a new character for Killer Instinct


– EA announce a new Command & Conquer
– A new Soul Calibur game is announced, Bayonetta to be included
– Bioshock 3 is announced, scheduled for release in 2017
– A new Dead or Alive game is announced
– Microsoft show off a new tabletop simulator for HoloLens
– A new Star Wars X-wing type fighter game is announced by EA


– Substantial amount of Doom single-player DLC announced
– Heavy multiplayer aspect announced as part of Mass Effect: Andromeda
– New Overwatch content announced
– Rare announce a brand new IP
– EA announce a tie-in game for Star Wars: Rogue One
– A new Spiderman game is announced


– Microsoft confirms Oculus Rift partnership with bundle announcement
– WB announce Shadow of Mordor 2
– Next years Assassin’s Creed is announced with a cinematic trailer
– A new Alan Wake is announced
– Blizzard announce their next project
– Kingdom Hearts III gets a launch window from Square Enix


– CD Projekt RED announces a standalone Gwent
– Resident Evil reboot announced, set to launch in 2016
– Persona 5 is announced to release worldwide on September 15
– WB announce a Suicide Squad game
– Ubisoft’s new AAA IP is a pirate-themed game
– Dead Don’t Ride shown at Sony press conference, announced with 2016 release date