Remedy Entertainment have released a “State of the Studio” blog post to update fans on where they are at, having just recently released Quantum Break. The developer confirmed that it is working on two new games, having achieved one of their goals of splitting their studio into two teams. And while it’s exciting news that they have new games already in the pipeline, it’s worth pointing out straight away that neither of them are Alan Wake.

Of the two games Remedy are working on, one is something that they have been developing “for a while” – probably the game that popped up on LinkedIn profiles earlier this year. Interestingly, Remedy make a note that they’re developing this game with a new partner, as opposed to Microsoft who have published their games since 2010.

The second game is still an early concept, and currently doesn’t have a publisher.

Remedy stressed that neither game is ready for a reveal any time soon, with the studio confirming that they’ll be absent from next weeks E3 and Gamescom later this year (although they didn’t rule out an appearance at either Paris Games Week or PSX, on the off chance their new partnership is with Sony).