Ready At Dawn, developers of last years The Order: 1886, have announced their next game will be Deformers – a physics-based arena brawler that aims to combine the knockout mechanics of Super Smash Bros, the physics of Gang Beasts, the controls of Super Monkey Ball and the shooting of Twisted Metal.

A major departure for the studio following their third-person, steampunk shooter, Deformers is a colourful, fast-paced, anarchic multiplayer brawler that aims to be chaotic fun. It stars blob-like characters attempting to knock each other off a level in an attempt to be the last blob standing.

Deformers will be published as part of Gamestop’s new publishing arm, with the company’s VP of internal development saying that they were instantly drawn to Ready At Dawn’s latest project:

“It’s just fun. And it appeals to everybody. We kept using the ‘nobody’s allergic to it’ line. It really is pick-up-and-go regardless of your level of skill. It’s a wide audience that will love this.”

Deformers is set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One soon.