Classic Sega Master System platformer Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is being updated for the current generation. The new game will retain the core gameplay of the originals, and still follows Wonder Boy after he is cursed by Meka-Dragon and turned into a lizard man.

In the game, Wonder Boy will travel the world and gain additional transformations – eventually being able to turn into a hawk, lion, mouse and piranha to help him reach new areas, as well as unlocking new skills. The remake will feature new graphics and improved sound design.

Check out the list of features released as part of the reveal:

• A huge interconnected world!

• 6 playable forms for our shape-shifting hero, with different abilities!

• Dragons of all kinds! A Zombie Dragon! A Mummy Dragon! A Samurai Dragon!

• An eye-patch wearing shop-keeper pig who may or may not provide a sense of warmth and direction!

• Beautiful, hand-drawn animated graphics!

• A memorable soundtrack, based on Shinichi Sakamoto’s originals, re-imagined and recorded with classical instruments!

• …and more to be announced!

No release window was given for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, but whenever it launches, it’ll be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.