The latest issue of Edge Magazine has published the first hands-on preview of Sony’s long in development title The Last Guardian, which has also re-confirmed that the games 2016 release date. The feature reveals brand new gameplay elements and features a Q&A with game director Fumito Ueda. You can also check out some brand new footage of the game released by IGN above.


In the demo played by Edge the central puzzle solving mechanic of the game was shown, with the Human protagonist abnle to able to illuminate surfaces using his mirrored shield, which his cat-like companion Trico would be able to destroy with his devastating beam of red lightning.

Part of the Q&A saw Ueda discuss Trico, who is a “free-spirited creature” that won’t necessarily go along with players attempts to tame him:

“This creature isn’t like the cute pets that exist in other games, or an ally that’s really useful. The role of the creature is ambiguous; that’s something we wanted to express in the game, and it doesn’t always do what you ask it to do. That’s one of the themes of The Last Guardian. It’s something that’s difficult, and completely different. I want to create the next thing – an experience that people have never had before.

The amount of code is very large compared to AI in conventional games. We’ve given this creature its own desires, so depending on what action it wants to take, that affects everything, including its animation. It’s not like a normal humanoid character.”

You can check out the full article in issue 294 of Edge Magazine, which goes into more depth about the gameplay mechanics and development, and is on sale and available right now.

The Last Guardian will launch exclusively for PS4 some time in 2016.